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All-day comfort

Pamper your hair with a hair clip that is kind to your hair and scalp. Super gently polished & rounded and super comfortable with your hair!

All Day Hold

Our all-day hold technology gives your hair the best possible hold. Without the hassle of pressing, scratching or breaking!

Real unique pieces

Due to individual production processes, each SASSIE hair clip is unique in terms of its color gradient and color grain - none is like the other, because it is just as special as you! ♡

Designed with Love

"Unique as YOU"

Our individual production processes, including our unique color gradients, are in many parts still real handcraft and thus create unique pieces.

Plant Based

Our product range consists of 98% cellulose acetate. Unlike plastic, synthetic resin or plastic, this material is based on naturally renewable raw materials such as the pulp of numerous types of fruit and vegetables.

"We want your hairstyling to look great and feel great too. That's why we tinker, design and work every day"

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