Who doesn't know the feeling of a good hair day? It's not just the hair that feels fabulous, a good-looking hairstyle usually also boosts our self-confidence and thus significantly influences our day. SASSIE was developed to provide you with a loyal, reliable companion for every day, so that bad hair days do not arise in the first place. Modern designs paired with high-quality materials create unique hair accessories that make your hair look good.



With SASSIE we have created a brand that revolves exclusively around your hair styling. At SASTIE, we believe that hair accessories, like fashion and jewelry, should come in countless colors and designs. This is the only way you can optimally adapt your hair styling to your look.

That's why we work every day on our product selection to make your hair look even better with the help of modern contemporary designs.

We at SASSIE would like to give you the opportunity to style your hair just as diverse, creative and varied as your outfits! Wear hair accessories that complement your look.

Whether elegant, colourful, classy or wild - simply adapt your SASSIE hair accessories to you and your outfits and combine them happily! ♡

You can easily incorporate our products into your styling routine, so that you can quickly and easily give your hair styling a whole new meaning. Let your creativity run free and upgrade your look with your personal Little Extra!

What distinguishes SASSIE products from conventional hair accessories?

All of our products contain no animal ingredients and are therefore 100% vegan. In addition, a significant majority of our product range consists of cellulose acetate. Unlike plastic, synthetic resin or plastic, this material is based on natural and renewable raw materials such as the pulp of numerous types of fruit and vegetables.


At SASSIE, we strive every day to put a smile on your face with our high-quality, carefully selected products. We want you to be able to style your hair reliably, diversely and creatively without worrying about the hold or stability of your hairstyle. The comfort factor is also important to us. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? - Not with SASSIE! We want your hairstyle to look great and feel great too. This is exactly what we tinker, design and work for every day! We love our products and hope you will learn to love them as much as we do! :)


All SASSIE products are individually produced and quality is our top priority. Experience how beneficial carefully developed hair accessories can be for your hair. Our hair clips are also always unique due to the individual production in their color gradients.

Whether classic hairstyles such as braids or trendy hairstyles such as half buns, our SASSIE products make your hairstyle an eye-catcher and give your hair styling a new, fresh touch. Our goal is to create products that make you feel good and adapt perfectly to today's fashion trends and underline the current zeitgeist. Comfortable and good looking - Convince yourself and try it out!

Give your hair styling an extra boost with modern SASSIE hair accessories.


How does SASSIE deal with the issue of sustainability?

For the sake of our environment, we do not use plastic when delivering our products. The shipping materials we use are made of 100% recyclable cardboard and paper. Our filling material, for example, is made from 100% waste paper and is also biodegradable. In addition, the majority of our products are based on natural and renewable raw materials. The raw material here is mostly the pulp of various types of fruit and vegetables.

How is SASSIE vegan?

Taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment - that is very important to us at SASSIE. Therefore, our products are completely free of animal by-products.

Where are you delivering from?

We at SASSIE are a German company based in Düsseldorf. All our products are shipped from Dusseldorf in Germany.

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